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  • 30. 03. 2008 - začátek 20:00

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    Trendy PUNK-ROCKové jaro s Good Charlotte!

    Zrodila se skupina, která má dost invence i energie, aby se stala novým vlajkonošem americké neo-punkové scény - hlásá zámořský tisk o kalifornské kapele Good Charlotte. Nakolik jde o nadsázku či naopak o reálný předpoklad, můžete posoudit sami.

    Skupinu založila dvojčata Joel Madden a Benji Madden a Billy Martin, Paul Thomas, Dean Butterworth v Marylandu, ve státě Florida. Kapela dostala jméno podle dětské knížky, kterou však nikdo z nich nikdy nečetl. Své první vystoupení si odbyli v sousedově sklepě, kam si je přišlo poslechnout zhruba 20 lidí. Kapela byla kompletní až později, kdy se k Benjimu, Joelovi a Paulovi přidal kytarista Billy.

    Eponymní debut z roku 1999 prokázal jejich nesmírnou energii a cit pro silnou melodii, jejich druhé album z roku 2002, kterého se prodalo bezmála 5 milionů kopií, je vyneslo na titulní stranu Rolling Stone, do New York Times či CNN a jejich skladbě Lifestyle se dostalo přídomku punk-rockové hymny roku 2002.

    V roce 2003 přicházejí s albem The Young And The Hopeless. O rok pozdeji album Live At Brixton Academy. Ten stejný rok Good Charlotte vydávají další album "Chronicles of Life and Death", aby svůj statut jedné z nejžhavějších punk-rockových kapel současnosti obhájili. V březnu 2007 vydali své zatím poslední album - Good Morning Revival.

    Toto album se poněkud odlišuje od předchozích, tentokrát poukazuje na ty lepší věci v životě.

    Good Charlotte jsou skvělou a talentovanou mladou skupinou, po které fanoušci šílí a kritici ji mají rádi.
    Už 30. března se českým fanouškům po dlouhém čekání na jednu z největších punk-rock a emo kapel splní jejich sen.

    Všechna alba Good Charlotte vydává SONY BMG.

    Good Charlotte performing their single Dance Floor Anthem
    at the Tyra Banks Show. September 13th 2007

    From the opening sounds of GOOD CHARLOTTE’s fourth album Good Morning Revival -- which launches with an artful, innovative sound collage that slides into the irresistible “Misery”-- it’s evident that the world-famous band who’ve sold over nine million albums has revolutionized its sound for 2007. And by the time the optimistic parting shot “March On” rolls around, it’s evident that this is the vibrant, adventurous and unexpected rock album that has redefined the group.

    Returning to work with producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne) -- who helmed Good Charlotte’s eponymous 2000 breakthrough debut -- was the decisive change that reinvigorated the band. After a pair of successful albums like 2002’s tremendously popular triple platinum The Young and the Hopeless and 2004’s subsequent million-selling follow-up The Chronicles of Life and Death (which were realized with producer Eric Valentine), GC singer Joel Madden says its modus operandi on Good Morning Revival (Epic/Daylight) was simply to “make a record that we loved and that felt good.”

    In an effort to achieve that goal, Gilmore challenged Joel and his identical twin, Good Charlotte’s guitarist Benji Madden, to bring their A game. And he was highly critical. “We threw out 50 or 60 songs and pretty much started over,” Benji says. “Don was like, ‘I want to reinvent you guys. I want people to ask themselves, ‘Is that Good Charlotte?’”

    “We wanted to love every track,” bassist Paul Thomas explains. “Our goal this time out was to make it an awesome listen straight through. No fucking filler, man.”

    For the Maddens, who -- unlike their bandmates Paul, guitarist/keyboardist Billy Martin and new Good Charlotte drummer Dean Butterworth -- had become fixtures of the paparazzi-addled L.A. nightclub scene as well as prominent DJs, the opportunity to ship up to Vancouver to create new music was absolutely necessary and remarkably fruitful.

    The first day in British Columbia the Maddens had the bulk of “Victim of Love,” the contagious harmony-laden rock & roll song, down. “We knew we were onto something,” Joel explains. And literally every day it was like we were writing a new song. After two months in Canada, isolating ourselves and getting away from everything that we were comfortable with was amazing. We came away with most of what you hear on this record.”

    By the time the group officially hit the studio with Gilmore, the downtime between its last tour and its official reconvening was as therapeutic as it was motivational. “The fact that we were able to stop, take a deep breath and kind of find some appreciation for all that we’ve accomplished has a lot to do with why this record sounds as vital and electrifying as it does,” says Martin. “We used to just take every offer that came our way and we’d never get much in the way of downtime. Now that we’ve had that time off it feels like a new band in a lot of ways.”

    One of the album’s highlights is its first single: the blistering, unforgettable rocker “The River,” an impassioned song about sin and redemption that traverses the dark side of Los Angeles. For the song, the band brought longtime friends and fellow musicians M. Shadows and Synyster Gates (of Avenged Sevenfold) into the mix, marking the first time Good Charlotte has officially collaborated with another artist on an album. It turned out to be a natural fit for both bands.

    “We’ve been friends with Avenged for a longtime. This wasn’t planned, but it ended up working out,” Joel explains. “We were sitting around listening to some new music and they liked that song so we asked them to jump on. It felt right and sounded really cool. Aside from being friends of ours, we’re also fans of their music and since this is our first collaboration, we couldn’t be happier that they’re a part of our record.”

    Good Morning Revival sustains its momentum with tracks like the fuzzy, club-driven “Dancefloor Anthem” and the genre-defying, Gorillaz-like You Tube favorite “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl” (which was introduced to audiences on the band’s U.S. fall 2006 tour and will be the lead single in Europe, Asia and South America). Good Charlotte has proven that it can thrive in a number of musical realms.

    “Honestly, the first time I heard it, I was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? People will never know that’s a Good Charlotte song,” concedes Billy. “And then Joel’s like, ‘Well, that’s the point!’ But soon enough it had me in its clutches.”

    “It’s kind of weird,” Joel says. “That song takes a lot of balls. I know some people will listen to it and probably think, ‘No thank you.’ It’s definitely not as if we sat down and penned a piece of art. It’s kind of like a sarcastic take on the whole club scene.”

    Elsewhere, on the hard-charging dance beat-steered rocker, “Misery” -- in which the singer observes the “tacky, plastic, shallow, empty” people that distinguish the City of Angels -- the keyboards are really pronounced. While the gorgeous “A Beautiful Place,” which evokes strains of Travis, The Beach Boys and the Flaming Lips, asserts that Good Charlotte is as much of a bona fide pop band and serious chart contender as it is a techno group or a punk quintet.

    “I wrote that song in Mexico,” Benji says of “A Beautiful Place.” “I was down there during hurricane season and I was in this beautiful beach environment. I had a night off and I was just thinking about how lucky I’ve been. “That’s a real Dean [Butterworth] moment. It was different when we wrote it, but then Dean started playing that real pronounced drum part. The drums are part of the hook. And it changed the whole sound.”

    Speaking of new vibes, the ups and downs of relationships propel rock anthems like “Break Her Heart” and the opposites attract tack of “Something Else.” These songs, along with the tender, melodic ballad “Where Would We Be,” find Joel -- who recently ended a lengthy, highly-publicized relationship with a certain movie star -- putting his feelings out there for public scrutiny. “I’m sure people are going to say these songs are about this or that,” he admits. “Love is a big part of me and I’ve accepted that and it’s in my music. And I’m not afraid to just show it.”

    Such honesty coupled with success and personal growth couldn’t help but inform Good Morning Revival. “This record shows a lot more of us than anything we’ve done in the past,” Benji says. “Because it’s hard to be an angry kid, all mad at the world when you’ve got it so good. I mean, that angst will always be there for Joel and I because of the way we grew up. Our father wasn’t the best role model as people know. But I definitely have a moment every day where I go, ‘Wow. What a rad life.’ I look at myself as being really blessed.”

    To which Joel adds, “It’s been a roller coaster ride for us in our own little way. We were up, then we kind of went down a bit. But now we’re up again. I think our new record has really been as much about looking back as it is about moving forward. We’ve realized a lot, and I’m really grateful that we’re still doing what we love.”

    Revitalized and inspired, Good Morning Revival finds Good Charlotte at its creative pinnacle.

    Good Morning Revival (March 27, 2007)
    The Chronicles of Life & Death (October 5, 2004)
    The Young and the Hopeless (October 1, 2002)
    Good Charlotte (October 6, 2000)

  • GOOD CHARLOTTE - Klik pro originální velikost
    Recenze / článek k akci
    Stará dobrá Šarlota a její nový facelift
    Čtvrtá deska a zdá se, že to pořád funguje.

    Jestliže předešlá kolekce "The Chronicles Of Life And Death" byla oproti dřívější tvorbě odlišná, "Good Morning Revival" je svým způsobem ještě odlišnější. Spojení producenta Dona Gilmora, který s Good Charlotte natočil její první desku, a autorství bratrů Maddenových se ukázalo jako skvělá kombinace.

    Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival
    Celkový čas: 44:32
    Skladby: Good Morning Revival, Misery, The River (Feat. M. Shadows And Synyster Gates), Dance Floor Anthem, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, Victims Of Love, Where Would We Be Now, Break Apart Her Heart, All Black, Beautiful Place, Something Else, Broken Hearts Parade, March On

    Svým posledním albem "The Chronicles Of Life And Death" si Good Charlotte (myspace.com) jednak zadělali na míru popularity, o které se jim do té doby možná ani nesnilo, jednak si to ale i trochu pohnojili u některých fanoušků, kteří dostali strach, že ti staří Good Charlotte, které si oblíbili na deskách "Good Charlotte" a "The Young And The Hopeless", pomalu umírají. O novince "Good Morning Revival" se mluvilo už hodně dlouho. Vždyť její původní vydání bylo naplánováno už na léto loňského roku. Některé zprávy mluvily o tom, že se GC budou snažit podmanit diskotéky, jinde se objevily spekulace, že je konec experimentování a v plánu návrat ke kořenům. S tím souvisí možná i obrácení se k Donu Gilmorovi, který produkoval jejich první desku (pro spoustu fanoušků nepřekonanou). Ne snad, že by producent předchozích dvou alb Eric Valentine neměl své kvality, ale při poslechu "Good Morning Revival" nemůžu říct víc, než že Don Gilmore je zkrátka Don Gilmore. Je až překvapující, jak neuvěřitelně chytlavé skladby GC na novou desku poskládali, přičemž se rozhodně nedá říct, že by nějakým způsobem vyměkli. Samozřejmě už vám nebudou zpívat "The Anthem" a "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous". GC roku 2007 jsou zcela jiní, ale stále jsou to oni. Nemám rád výčty, ale v případě "Good Morning Revival" udělám výjimku: nejlepší skladba celé desky se nachází na samotném začátku. "Misery" zní trochu jako "Meet My Maker" z poslední desky, což byl bonus track a zároveň jedna z nejtvrdších věcí na ní. "The River" je snad nejlepší singl, co kdy tahle kapela vydala. Jediné, co mi na něm trochu vadí, je vychlastaný hlas přizvaného Matthewa Shadowse. "Victims Of Love" v úvodu možná trochu šokuje nasamplovanými bicími a elektronikou, ale v kombinaci s elektrickými kytarami, které se rozezní vzápětí, není důvod k panice. "Where Would We Be Now" je skladba o rozchodu zpěváka Joela se zpěvačkou Hilary Duff a zároveň první, která kdy byla složena s piánem. "Break Apart Her Heart" je taková ostřejší "I Just Wanna Live" a příklad toho, jak GC můžou na jedné straně ubrat, na druhé straně zároveň nepřestat tlačit na pilu. Závěrečná "March On" je další důkaz toho, že se kapela obejde i bez elektrických kytar a její zbraní může být i text. Jestli jsem o "The Chronicles Of Life And Death" mluvil jako o desce, na které zní hudba GC dospěleji, nezbývá než dodat, že "Good Morning Revival" je album, které spáchali už skutečně dospělí chlapi. Jako by si řekli, že rock se dá dělat i jinak, než jak to zkoušeli dosud, a nemusejí přitom až příliš zbytečně koketovat s popovými prvky. "Good Morning Revival" je deska, kterou GC nezklamou své fanoušky. Věřím tomu, že si její poslech vychutnají jak příznivci rocku, tak i ti, kteří tomuhle stylu moc neholdují.

    autor: Pavel Novák, Musicserver.cz